Spend Your Holidays In Pure Luxury At Karuli

Karuli is a small town situated in the Karuli district of Rajasthan. Formerly, Karuli was capital of Karuli princely state but now it is district headquarter of Karuli district. Karuli was founded in 998 by Raja Bijai Pal. It is strategically situated between northern and eastern middle point, which is blocked by a wall. Karuli also have many historical buildings and palaces, and wildlife is situated on the outskirts of the town.

At Karuli, you can stay at Bhanwar Vilas palace, where Maharaja Ganesh Pal Deo Bhadhur used to live. Bhanwar Vilas palace decoration and architecture is based on colonial signature nevertheless there is lot of pre-colonial impressions and interior as well. If your package include trip to Karuli then you should look for stay at Bhanwar Vilas palace, where you will be offered world-class services and facilities, and great luxurious lifestyle.

Any Rajasthan tour operator can offer you exciting package of Karuli wherein you could get special stay at village and stay at Bhanwar Vilas palace.

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